A Complete turnkey operation in perimeter security installation
Sable Systems specialises in project implementation and management of security installations. We supply and install various types of perimeter barriers as standalone or with intelligence attached to enhance the detection capabilities.
Our experience over more than 25 years enables us to specify the correct perimeter for a specific purpose.
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Sable Mesh Fencing
These high security solutions have anti-climb advantages and are extremely effective if combined with fibre optic detection products. Choose from Sable Mesh for see-through quality, robust Sable 105 Mesh and Sable Razorgator.  They are speedily erected and aesthetically pleasing. Can be offered with hot dipped galvanised or PVC coating for lasting protection.  Electric Strand Fencing is widely used but is being continuously breached by criminal elements. With added intelligence it becomes considerably more secure as an early warning and first line defense system.

105 Mesh


Sable 105 mesh for protection of vital installations such as this police station

Electrified Palisade Fencing perimeters
ElectriPale is an alarm fence which is also electrified so that no separate electric fence is needed.  There are no  visible energising wires.  This is a robust product which is also a very cost effective perimeter protection option.

  Electrified Palisade Fencing


Electrified palisade perimeter protection obviates the need for a separate electric fence

Welded Mesh, Flatwrap Razor Mesh, Chainlink Fencing, V-Top, Razor coil
These are lower end perimeter materials and with added intelligence form a first line of defense that, if monitored constantly, offers a reasonable solution to applications of a low to medium risk profile. Anti-climb tops such as the V-top can have razor coil added as a further deterrant.

  Mesh fencing with V-top and coil


Mesh fencing with
V-top and coil makes climbing the fence extremely difficult

Intelligent Additions
We offer and install intelligent systems to new or existing structures using a number of types of Fiber or Sensing equipment. These devices enhance the overall security net and ensure early warning prior to a breach on the perimeter. These systems are ideal as a preventative measure, warning of possible intrusions. This is an efficient method of upgrading, especially for existing installations that are aging and becoming unreliable due to resistance and false alarms.

  Lakeland mesh with fibre optic cable


Fibre optic addition to Sable Mesh perimeter fencing for early warning of any breach of the perimeter

Civils and Construction
Sable fencing is capable of all perimeter civil and construction work as well as infrastructure installations such as trenching and burial of electrical and fibre optic infrastructure. A complete mechanical fleet for trenching, filling, compacting, fence line clearing, auguring, drilling and site rehabilitation is held in house ensuring a complete turnkey operation in perimeter installation.
  Civils and construction


Trenching, filling, compacting, clearing, drilling and site rehabilitation

Masonary Brick Walls
This is the ultimate in perimeter enclosures and design is flexible. It lends itself to added intelligence forming an extremely secure perimeter. The wall is built using various forms of masonry building bricks such as standard and maxi and, since it is built on a concrete foundation it is automatically anti-dig. For security we utilize solid construction methods against hollow or extruded blocks and bricks. This is not only more secure to penetration but also allows for stronger fixing into the structure of additional equipment. Perimeter walls can be fitted with an electrified wall top fence (solid non strand) for added security.
  Brick wall perimeter



Brick wall with concrete foundation and topped with an electric fence